Summer Leagues – 2018

Its been an exciting Summer of Squash and Racquetball at the Club.  We have seen for the first time Summer Squash Leagues of both taking place and well attended this year.


Summer Racquetball League

With the local Kirklees and Calderdale Summer Racquetball league having fewer and fewer teams participating, it was decided that there was sufficient support to have our own Summer League.  And so it was born, with six teams of three players and a number of floating subs to cover the inevitable holidays.

After a really well attended and excellently organised event, Morsey’s Marksmen emerged victorious on the final week.

Final Standings

  1. Morsey’s Marksmen  – 104 Points
  2. Bowkers’ Bombers – 97 Points
  3. Suthers’ Snipers – 8 Points
  4. Varley’s Viper – 85 Points
  5. Rambo’s Raiders – 82 Points
  6. Haley’s Hurricanes – 56 Points

Congratulations to the winners and well done to all how took part.

Summer Squash League

Following the resounding success of the Summer Racquetball League, a Summer Squash League was also created.  Here we had 6 individual teams that were made up of 5 players, including a ladies and junior at 4th and 5th string. After 5 weeks of competition Jacko’s Jackals claimed the league victory, going undefeated every week and eventually winning by a fair points margin. The team was headed up by Graham Jackson and his team mates were, new returning member Richard Lee, Queens faithful Simon Bottomley at number 3 and mother and son combo Helen and Ben Rees representing the ladies and junior categories!

Well done guys, a much deserved victory!

Final Standings

  1. Jacko’s Jackels – 78 Points
  2. T’s Tigers – 65 Points
  3. Lynch’s Lions – 61 Points
  4. Campion’s Champions – 57 Points
  5. Gudzelak’s Go-Getters – 45 Points
  6. Murphy’s Militants – 43 Points
As a returning member I am once again enjoying playing friendly tennis on the excellent new courts. The social events I have attended have been great fun and a good way to meet other members.
Judith Mathison